Physikalisches Kolloquium WS 2020/2021

Fridays 15:15 via ZOOM

Exciting talks | no coffee

30. Oktober 2020 Wim Ubachs (VU Amsterdam)
Physics beyond the Standard Model from molecules
6. November 2020 Esra Bulbul (MPE Garching)
Witnessing the Growth of Structure through
eROSITA Observations of Clusters of Galaxies
13. November 2020 Allen Caldwell (MPP Munich)
Accelerating Electrons with Protons in Plasma - the AWAKE Project
20. November 2020 David Kriesel
Bahnmining - A funny guide to guerilla DataScience
27. November 2020 Sebastian Neubert (Uni Bonn)
Exotic Hadrons
4. Dezember 2020 Catherine Heymans (University of Edinburgh)
New Directions in Cosmology
11. Dezember 2020 Dieter Vollhardt (Uni Augsburg)
The art of modeling in solid state physics
8. Januar 2021 Kathrin Valerius (KIT Karlsruhe)
Probing the neutrino mass scale -
first results and future perspectives of KATRIN
15. Januar 2021 Michele Heurs (MPI & LUH Hannover)
Topic: Gravitational physics
22. Januar 2021 Juan Fuster (IFIC Valencia)
Topic: The quest for the top mass
29. Januar 2021 PhD prize ceremony
5. Februar 2021 Florian Bernlochner (Uni Bonn)
12. Februar 2021 Marcus Brüggen (Uni Hamburg)
Particle Acceleration on Cosmological Scales

All presentations will be streamed via ZOOM.

Additionally, selected presentations might be given in-person in the Wolfgang Paul Auditorium.
Pre-registration will be required, strict Corona regulations apply.
Specific information will be circulated before each colloquium.

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