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Crash Course for Theoretical Particle Physics

On this webpage, you can find all information regarding the crash course that takes place from 5th to 9th of October, 2015

    Prof. Manuel Drees (drees-at-th.physik.uni-bonn.de)
     Daniel Schmeier (daschm-at-th.physik.uni-bonn.de)
     Toby Opferkuch (toby-at-th.physik.uni-bonn.de)
     Swasti Belwal (swasti-at-th.physik.uni-bonn.de)


From Wednesday on, Tutorials will take place from 15:15 to ~17:15 to give people more time to take care of important bureaucratic obligations!

General Information

Time Table

Exercise Sheets

Day In Class Exercise Homework Exercise Homework Solutions
uploaded at 8PM each day, will be removed at the end of the crash course!
Monday InClass 1 Homework 1
Tuesday InClass 2 Homework 2
Wednesday InClass 3 Homework 3
Thursday InClass 4 Homework 4
Friday InClass 5 Homework 5