Members of the group of Manuel Drees:

General Information:

Physikalisches Institut der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Nussallee 12, 53115 Bonn, Germany
+49(228)73xxxx (where xxxx denotes the numbers listed at the individual member's entry.
+49(228)73 3223
e-mail: (where nn denotes the email-string given at the individual member's entry.

The boss:

Manuel Drees
phone 2224, room PI 1.013, email Drees

Secretaries of the theory group:

Christa Börsch, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.001, phone 3770, email Boersch
Petra Weiß, room PI 1.025, phone 3247, email Weiss
Patricia Zündorf, room PI 1.025, phone 9540, email Zuendorf


Dr. Manimala Chakraborti
phone 60518, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.012 email manimala
Felipe Almeida Gomes Ferreira
(a long term visitor from Rio de Janeiro) phone 2015, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.022, email felipeagferreira at
Fazlollah Hajkarim
phone 9411, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.023, email hajkarim
Rahul Mehra
phone 9411, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.023, email rmehra
Bardia Najjari Farizhendi
phone 9411, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.023, email bardia
Meng Shi
phone 3718, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.021, email shimrac "at"
Ernany Rossi Schmitz
phone 3162, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.024, email ernany
Zhongyi Zhang
phone 3718, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.021, email zhongyi
Gerrit Bickendorf
phone 2015, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.022 email bickendorf "at"
Zach Elgood
phone 2015, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.022 email zachelgood "at"
Yong Xu
phone 3162, Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.024, email s6yoxuuu "at"

Former Members:

Christian Alig (Diplom 2006), left to obtain his PhD at the LMU (Munich) theoretical astronomy group
Dr. Rouzbeh Allahverdi (2000-2002), now associate prof. at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque
Dr. Masaki Asano (2013-2016), left physics to join a Japanese company working on ``big data"
Dr. Cyrille Barbot (PhD 2003), now working as a ``patent engineer" in Munich (and running an NGO helping poor kids in Brazil attend a decent school)
Dr. Swasti Belwal (PhD 2018)
Dr. Nicolas Bernal (2010-2013), now professor at Universidad Antonio Nariņo in Bogota, Colombia
Dr. Nicki Bornhauser (PhD 2013), now working for a software company in Bonn
Dr. Sascha Bornhauser (PhD 2008), now working at a small company in the financial industry in Cologne
Natalia Borodatchenkova (Diplom 2005), left to obtain her PhD in string theory in the LMU (Munich) theory group
Dr. Arindam Chatterjee (PhD 2012), now Junior Group leader at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Dr. Siba Prasad Das (2007-2009), now postdoc in Bogota, Columbia
Dr. Encieh Erfani (PhD 2012), now associate professor at the IASBS, Zanjan, Iran
Dr. Pavel Fileviez Perez (PhD 2003), now assistant professor at Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio
Dr. Benedikt Gaissmaier (PhD 2004), now "senior Consultant" with Ernst & Young (Frankfurt) in global financial services
Dr. Raghuveer Garani (PhD 2017), now postdoc in Brussels, Belgium
Markus Gross (Diplom 2008), went on to do his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research, Düsseldorf
Jie Gu (MSc 2011), in 2015 did his PhD in mathematical physics in the group of my colleague Albrecht Klemm ; now a postdoc in string theory in Paris
Dierck Hillmann (Diplom 2007), went on to do a PhD in biomedical optics with Thorlabs AG in Lübeck
Dr. Iminniyaz Hoernisa (PhD 2007), now assistant professor at Urumqi University, Xinjiang Province, China
Dr. Mitsuru Kakizaki (2005-2008), now assistant professor at the University of Toyama in Japan (and married to Eun-Kyung Park)
Dr. Ju Min Kim (PhD 2010), went on to become a patent lawyer in Munich
Bernhard Kirchlechner (Diplom 2002), went on to do a PhD in computer science at the TU Munich
Dr. Suchita Kulkarni (PhD 2011), now a postdoc in the particle theory group in Vienna, Austria
Moritz Meinecke (Diplom 2011), went on to obtain his PhD in particle theory in Münster
Dr. Kin-ya Oda (2002-2005), now associate professor at Osaka University, Japan
Dr. Eun-Kyung Park (2007-2009), now assistant professor at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (and married to Mitsuru Kakizaki)
Dr. Michael Rauch (Diplom 2003), now postdoc at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Dr. Chung Lin Shan (PhD 2007), now at the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Urumqi, China
Julia Volmer (MSc 2013), went on to do a PhD in lattice QCD in Berlin
Dr. David Wright (1999-2000)
Dr. Qingjun Xu (PhD 2006), now professor at Hangzhou Normal University, China