Transport in Mesoscopic Systems

WS 2010 / 2011, Dr. Oleg Zaitsev, Prof. Dr. Johann Kroha

Exercises by Z. Y. Lai

Place and Time

Lectures: Friday 11-13 (HS, IAP)

Tutorials: To be announced in the first lecture

Aims of the Lecture

The aims of this lecture are:
  1. To introduce students to the theoretical aspects of transport phenomena in solids and mesoscopic systems.
  2. To introduce the basic concepts of quantum chaos theory as applied to transport phenomena.
  3. To introduce important analytical methods for treating transport problems, with emphasis on semiclassical methods.

Contents of the Lecture

A tentative list of the topics to be covered in this lecture is as follows:

Homework and Exercise Sessions

The specific format of the exercise sessions will be announced in the first lecture and subsequently updated here. You will also be able to download the exercise sheets here when they become available.

To be Discussed On Sheet Number
t.b.a Exercise 1
t.b.a Exercise 2
t.b.a Exercise 3
t.b.a Exercise 4
t.b.a Exercise 5
t.b.a Exercise 6
t.b.a Exercise 7
t.b.a Exercise 8
t.b.a Exercise 9
t.b.a Exercise 10

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