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Talk Münchner Physik Kolloquium 28.10.2013 PDF File
Short comment on Hans Bethe (in German)
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Photos from the Peter Fest 2011 Images (JPG)
Talk at the Uniclub Bonn (in German) PDF File
Forsch article of 02.2011 (in German) PDF File
Talk at the Hospitalhof Stuttgart (in German) Slides (PDF) | Text (PDF)
Photos from the Fiesta2010 Images (JPG)
Bether Center (Podcast)
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Forsch article of 04.2009 (in German) PDF File
Dark Universe (Podcast)
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Forsch article of 02.2009 (in German) PDF File
Vortrag 14. Wintertagung Bad Honnef PDF File
Opening speech of the Bethe Center (in German)
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Generalanzeiger article about the opening of the Bethe Center Image (JPG)   |   (PDF)
n-tv interview on the start of the LHC (in German) Flash Video
A Photo Image (JPG)
Photos from SUSY07 Images (JPG)
Publicity Photos Images (JPG)