Marie Curie Initial Training Network "UNILHC"
Nature of electroweak symmetry breaking, origin of masses and their hierarchies, quantization of the gravitational interaction.
Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics
Interdisciplinary research throughout the fields of theoretical and mathematical physics
European Union 6th Framework Marie Curie Research and Training Network "UniverseNet"
Astroparticle Physics: Links between Fundamental Physics and Cosmology
Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TRR 33 - The Dark Universe
Dark Energy, Dark Matter
Virtual Institute for Particle Cosmology (VIPAC)
The Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry of the Universe, Dark Matter and Supersymmetry, Dark Energy and the Cosmological Constant, Inflation and the Very Early Universe
Forschergruppe: Dunkle Materie und Dunkle Energie
Gemeinsamer Antrag der Astronomie und der Theoretischen Elementarteilchenphysik
Project MRTN-CT-2004-005104
Constituents, Fundamental Forces and Symmetries of the Universe
RTN European Program MRTN-CT-2004-503369
The Quest For Unification: Theory Confronts Experiment
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