Talks are 30 minutes including discussions

Time Schedule

Benjamin Allanach Theoretical uncertainties in sparticle masses
Ignatios Antoniadis Supersymmetry breaking in brane models
Stefan Antusch Type-II-Upgraded see-saw models and phenomenology
Lotfi Boubekeur Low-scale leptogenesis and soft supersymmetry breaking
Philippe Brax Supersymmetry breaking on the brane
Alberto Casas Implications for physics beyond the SM from fine tuning considerations
David Cerdeno Effective N=1 Super Yang Mills theories versus lattice results
Ali Chamseddine deSitter and anti deSitter non-Abelian vacua in N=4 gauged supergravity
Nicolas Chatillon Supersymmetry breaking in warped brane worlds
Athanasios Dedes Naturally small Dirac neutrino masses in Supergravity
Thomas Dent Leptogenesis from direct inflaton decay and L violation
Ulrich Ellwanger Radion and moduli stabilization from induced brane actions in higher-dimensional brane worlds
Jose R. Espinosa Novel opportunities for EW breaking from low-scale SUSY breaking
Adam Falkowski Little MSSM and the flavour problem
Alon Faraggi Self-duality in quantum phase and M-theory vacuum selection
Dumitru Ghilencea Higher dimension operators as compact dimensions footprints
Ben Gripaios Superpotentials of N=1 SUSY Gauge Theories
Bohdan Grzadkowski CP violation in 5-dimensional QED
Howard Haber Higgs sector CP Violation
Lawrence Hall Late time neutrino masses, the CMB and the LSND experiment
Koichi Hamaguchi Supergravity at colliders: from the electroweak scale to the Planck scale
Arthur Hebecker Non-local moduli-free gauge symmetry breaking
Sabine Hossenfelder Lowering the Planck scale - raising the minimal lenght
Stephan Huber Neutrino mass models from extra dimensions
Luís Ibáñez Computing Yukawa couplings from magnetized extra dimensions
Alejandro Ibarra Flavour mixing and Kähler structures
Tim Jones Supersymmetric beta-functions, snowmass benchmark points and non-standard soft breaking
Gordon Kane An approach to the cosmological constant problem(s)
Jihn Eui Kim Trinification with seesaw neutrino mass
Ryuichiro Kitano Gravitational baryogenesis
Tatsuo Kobayashi Fermion masses and mixing angles in heterotic orbifold models
Stéphane Lavignac Anomalous U(1) and flavour physics
Oleg Lebedev Dilaton destabilization by finite temperature effects
George Leontaris Majorana neutrino masses from U(1) symmetries
David Lyth The curvaton paradigm
Antonio Masiero Dark matter and dark energy in scalar-tensor theories of gravity
Jesús Moreno Regular compactifications on Higgs model vortices
Ignacio Navarro Stability of flux compactifications and implications for inflation
Alberto Nicolis Classical and Quantum Consistency of the DGP Model
Holger Nielsen Charges with GS-anomaly cancellation and space time foam
Filipe Paccetti Correia Gauge inflation in the Orbifold
Michael Plümacher Thermal leptogenesis
Marieke Postma Can the curvaton scenario accommodate low scale inflation?
Fernando Quevedo On inflation and realistic D-brane models
Mariano Quirós Scherk-Schwarz supersymmetry breaking
Stuart Raby Constructing 5D orbifold GUTs from heterotic strings
Michael Ratz Gauge couplings at high temperature and the relic gravitino abundance
David Rayner Phenomenology of twisted moduli in type I string inspired models
Yeinzon Rodriguez Garcia Thermal inflation as a mechanism to lower the main inflationary energy scale in curvaton scenario
Graham Ross Unification revisited
Anna Rossi Mu-Tau lepton flavour violation in MSSM
Leszek Roszkowski Axions as dark matter
Subir Sarkar Supergravity inflation and large-scale structure
Qaisar Shafi Grand Unification and Inflation
Solveig Skadhauge Supersymmetric dark matter and CP-phases
Alexei Y. Smirnov Neutrino mixing: quark-lepton symmetry and complementarity
Stephan Stieberger Scattering of Gauge, Matter and Moduli Fields from Intersecting Branes
Yasutaka Takanishi Green-Schwarz anomaly cancellation and world sheet instantons (and wormholes)
Kazunori Takenaga Effect of bare mass on gauge symmetry breaking through the Wilson lines
Gianmassimo Tasinato Regular time dependent backgrounds in string theory
Zurab Tavartkiladze Bilarge neutrino mixings and suppressed theta_13 in a democratic approach
Marc Thormeier Anomalous U(1)_X for everything
Michele Trapletti Heterotic string with torsion via T-duality
Krzysztof Turzynski Lepton-flavour violation with decoupling and sneutrino inflation
Thomas Underwood Resonant leptogenesis and neutrino data
Stephen West Neutrino masses from SUSY breaking
Akin Wingerter Heterotic brane world
Masahiro Yamaguchi Revisiting cosmology of heavy gravitino scenarios
Fabio Zwirner Potentials and superpotentials in the effective N=1 supergravities from higher dimensions