Talks are 30 minutes including discussions

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Abel Steven String Thermodynamics in D-brane backgrounds
Arnowitt Richard L. GUT Scale SUSY CP Violating Phases, and the Electric Dipole Moments
Bachas Constantin Unification and Gauge Hierarchy in TeV-scale String Theory
Benakli Karim Phenomenology of low quantum gravity scale models
Binetruy Pierre Some Aspects of the Cosmology of Extra Dimensions
Borzumati Francesca Radiative Fermion Masses in Supersymmetric Theories
Buchmüller Wilfried Baryogenesis and Initial Conditions
Carena Marcela Higgs Phenomenology at Future Colliders
Choi KiwoonAtmospheric and solar neutrino masses from R-parity violation and horizontal U(1) symmetry
Covi Laura Axino as Cold Dark Matter
Dienes Keith New Directions for New Dimensions
Dudas Emilian Aspects of Type I Strings
Dvali Georgi TeV scale quantum gravity
Ellwanger Ulrich Confinement and Duality in Gauge Theories in D=4
Förste Stefan Wilson Loop via ADS/CFT Duality
Gherghetta Tony The Power of Extra Dimensions
Grojean Christophe Five-branes near the boundary of AdS7xS4
Hollik Wolfgang The neutral MSSM Higgs boson masses at higher orders
Kalinowski Jan Determining SUSY parameneters from chargino/neutralino production in e+e- collisions
Kim Jihn E. Making the Hidden Sector Axion as Quintessence
Lalak Zygmunt Supersymmetry breaking and nonstandard embeddings in M-Theory
Langacker Paul Vacuum Restabilization and its Physical Consequences in Perturbative and Nonperturbative String Vacua
Lavignac Stephane String Dualities in Four Dimensions and anomalous U(1)'s
Louis Jan Quantum Corrections in the Hypermultiplet Moduli Space
Lukas Andre Three-family models in heterotic M-theory
Lykken Joseph D. New Opportunities for SUSY at the Tevatron
Masiero Antonio On Supersymmetric Quintessence
Mohapatra Rabindra Neutrino masses and unification
Olechowski Marek Supersymmetry Breaking in M-Theory with gaugino condensation
Ovrut Burt Non-Perturbative Vacua in M-theory
Pawelczyk Jacek Field Theory Anomalies from AdS/CFT duality
Polonsky Nir New Frameworks for Flavour in Supersymmetry
Pomarol Alex Supersymmetry and electroweak breaking with TeV-compactifications
Poppitz Erich Anomalies and gravity-mediated supersymmetry breaking
Quevedo Fernando Strings at Intermediate Scale
Quiros Mariano On the Role of Extra Dimensions in Gauge Coupling Unification
Raby Stuart Neutrino Oscillations in Predictive SUSY GUTs
Rosiek Janusz Limits on the complex phases in the flavour conserving SUSY couplings
Roszkowski Leszek Has the WIMP been discovered?
Silvestrini Luca Rare and CP-violating K decays beyond the Standard Model
Senjanovic Goran Neutrino Mass and Supersymmetry in View of Super-Kamiokande
Stieberger Stephan (0,2) Heterotic Gauge Couplings and their M-theory Origin
Taylor Tomasz Higher loop corrections in KK compactifications
Uranga Angel Anomalous U(1)'s in D=4 N=1 type I string vacua
Wagner Carlos Higgs Phenomenology and CP violation in the MSSM
Wells James Quantum Gravity and Extra Dimensions at high Energy Colliders
Yamaguchi Masahiro TeV Scale compactification and electroweak measurements
Zoupanos George Finite Unified Theories and their Predictions
Zwirner Fabio Recent results on very light gravitinos

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