Physikalisches Kolloquium SS 2021

for both young and experienced researchers

Fridays 15:15 via ZOOM

No coffee but interesting talks.

30. April 2021 Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann, QZabre LLC
Exploring Magnetic Fields at the Nanometer Scale: From Science to Startup
7. Mai 2021 Kostas Nikolopoulos, University of Birmingham
Where does mass come from? Spherical Proportional Counters
and other innovative approaches to search for light Dark Matter
21. Mai 2021 Youngjoon Kwon, Yonsei University
A tale of two-leptons
18. Juni 2021 Verónica Sanz, Universitat de Valencia and University of Sussex
Symmetry meets AI
25. Juni 2021 Heather Grey, UC Berkeley
Recent progress on quantum computing and future opportunities for high-energy physics
2. Juli 2021 TRA colloquium
9. Juli 2021 Andrew Pilkington, University of Manchester
Turning the LHC into an electroweak boson collider
16. Juli 2021 Sebastian Schuster, Charles University
Pushing the Limits of General Relativity"
23. Juli 2021
Michael Kösters, TRUMPF GmbH
Laser Systems for EUV Lithography

All presentations will be streamed via ZOOM.
Specific information will be circulated before each colloquium.

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Last updated July 19, 2021