Bachelor and masters Theses with Herbi Dreiner, Physics Department, Bonn University

My research is focused on various aspects of:


In order to do a bachelor thesis in theoretical elementary particle physics you should take and pass the following math and theory courses:

  • Theoretische Physik I (Mechanik
  • Theoretische Physik II (Elektrodynamik) Quanten Mechanik)
  • Theoretische Physik III (Quanten Mechanik I)
  • Theoretische Physik IV (Thermo und Statistik)
  • Advanced Theoretical Physics (Quanten Mechanik II)
  • Lineare Algebra
  • Analysis I
  • Analysis II
  • Analysis III (highly recommended)
  • Analysis IV (highly recommended)

During the Bachelor Thesis you should take the Quantum Field Theory course

For a Masters Thesis you should in addition take and pass the following courses

Hauptstudium (5th Semester and beyond)
  • Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie
  • Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
  • Quantum Field Theory II
  • Group Theory (if available)
  • Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics I
  • Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics II
  • Theoretical Astroparticlephysics (optional)

Past Diplom Topics


Possible Future Topics


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