Research Interests

Phenomenology and Model building of Physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics
Currently I am mainly interested in searches for new physics at the LHC,in particular also supersymmetry. The involves among other things using the program CheckMATE which enables to compare many models to LHC data uickly and with high precision. I am furthermore interested in axion and axino models.

Scientific and Personal Data

Curriculum Vitae: (pdf-format)

Publications (inspire)         Publications: (ps-format)   (pdf-format)

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Research Group

Ph.D. Students: Maximilian Berbig, Dominik Köhler, Saurabh Nangia, Julian Günther, Apoorva Shah, Martin Schürmann
Masters Students: Christian Maas

Former Postdocs:
(A) Rutherford Laboratory
1) Werner Vogelsang
2) Athanasios (Sakis) Dedes,
Joint Publications
3) Benjamin Allanach, Joint Publications
4) Michael Krämer, Joint Publications
5) Cyril Hugonie, Joint Publications

(B) Bonn University
1) Athanasios (Sakis) Dedes, Joint Publications
2) Pietro Slavich,
3) Olaf Kittel, Joint Publications
4) Siba Prasad Das,   Joint Publications
5) Karina Williams
6) John Conley ( Joint Publications ),
7) Jamie Tattersall ( Joint Publications ),
8) Lorenzo Ubaldi ( Joint Publications )
9) Florian Staub ( Joint Publications ),
10) Manuel Krauss ( Joint Publications ),
11) Victor Martin Lozano ( Joint Publications ),
12) Florian Domingo ( Joint Publications )
13) Rhorry Gauld

Former Ph.D. Students:
1)  Jon Butterworth (supervised analysis part of thesis) ,    Joint Publications
2)  Peter Morawitz (supervised analysis part of thesis),    Joint Publications
3)   Peter Richardson , graduated August 2000, next position, postdoc: Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University,    Joint Publications
4)   Marc Thormeier, graduated December 2002, next position, postdoc: LBL, UC Berkeley,    Joint Publications
5)   Christoph Luhn, graduated: August 2006, next position, postdoc: University of Florida,   Joint Publications
6)   Ulrich Langenfeld, graduated: August 2007, next position: postdoc: DESY, Zeuthen,   Joint Publications
7)   Markus Bernhardt, graduated March 2008, next position: teacher, head of science studies, Cambridge, UK,   Joint Publications
8)   Jong Soo Kim, graduated: August 2008, next position: postdoc: Dortmund University,   Joint Publications ,
9)   Sebastian Grab, graduated: August 2009, next position: postdoc: UC Santa Cruz,   Joint Publications ,
Thesis title: All Possible LSPs in Proton Hexality Violating mSUGRA Models and their Signals at Hadron Colliders
10) Branislav Poletanovic, graduated: December 2010, next position: Deutsche Telekom
11) Anja Marold, graduated: Dec. 2011, next positions: Clara Schumann Gymnasium, DHL ( Joint Publications )
12) Marja Hanussek, graduated: Sept. 2012, next position: postdoc: SISSA Trieste, ( Joint Publications )
13) Tim Stefaniak, graduated: July 2014, next position, postdoc: UC Santa Cruz ( Joint Publications ),
14) Daniel Dercks (ne Schmeier), graduated: Aug. 2016, next position, postdoc: Hamburg University ( Joint Publications )
15) Kilian Nickel, graduated Dec. 2016, next position Fraunhofer Institute, Sankt Augustin, ( Joint Publications )
16) Toby Opferkuch, graduated Aug. 2017, next position, postdoc: Mainz University ( Joint Publications )
17) Stefano Colucci, graduated Dec. 2018, next position: software company in Bruxelles ( Joint Publications ),
18) Zeren Simon Wang, graduated June 2019, next position: Postdoc APCTP Pohang, South Korea ( Joint Publications ),
19) Annika Buchholz (geb. Reinert), graduated Mar. 2020, next position: Scientific coordinator, Empirical Inference, MPI for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen ( Joint Publications ), ( Independent Publications during PhD )

Former Diploma/ Masters Students:
1) Pascal Vaudrevange,  
2) Margarethe Herz, "Bounds on leptoquark and supersymmetric, R parity violating interactions from meson decays" (In German)   Diploma Thesis, (Diplom January 2003)
3) Ulrich Langenfeld (Diplom: 27.3.2002, danach 2. Staatsexamen),
4) Christoph Luhn (Diplom: 10.5.2002),
5) Jong-Soo Kim (Diplom 29.9.2004),
6) Markus Bernhardt (Diplom 6.7.2004),
7) Sebastian Grab (Diplom 2006),
8) Branislav Poletanovic (Diplom 2006),
9) Anja Marold (Diplom 2007),
10) Marja Hanussek "Bounds on Trilinear Couplings from Neutrino Masses in B3 mSUGRA Model" (Diplom Dec. 2009)
11) Alessandro Barri "Collider signals in supersymmetric R-paritiy violating stau-LSP scenarios" (Diplom Feb. 2010)
12) Tim Stefaniak (Diplom Feb 2011)
13) Felix Stollenwerk (Masters, Dec. 2011)
14) Kian Salimkhani (Masters, May 2012)
15) Daniel Schmeier "Effective Models for Dark Matter at the International Linear Collider" (Masters, Nov. 2012)
16) Kilian Nickel (Masters, Nov. 2012)
17) Stefano Colucci (Masters, Oct. 2013)
18) Toby Opferkuch (Masters, Nov. 2013)
19) Annika Reinert (Masters, Oct. 2015)
20) Sebastian Belkner (Masters, May 2017)
21) Dominik Köhler (Masters, Oct. 2018)
22) Saurabh Nangia (Masters, Oct. 2018)
23) J. Armando Arroyo (Masters, Oct. 2018) (supervised by Jan Heisig, RWTH Aachen)
24) Maximilian Berbig (Masters, March 2019)
25) Archil Suladze (Masters, Sept. 2020)
26) Julian Günther (Masters, Dec. 2020)
27) Martin Schürmann (Masters, Nov. 2020)
28) Apoorva Shah (Masters, June 2022)

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