Physics Institute of Bonn University

Theory Department

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Hartmut Monien

My research encompasses a broad range of theoretical methods from phenomenology for extracting experimental information and returning useful information to the experimentalists to topics of purely theoretical interest like the stability of the Fermi liquid state in the gauge field theories with current - current interactions.
Currently a major part of my work is devoted to developing novel computational methods for quantum lattice models. Most interesting problems in condensed matter theory are connected with strong coupling and/or multiple energy scales (e.g. the Mott phase transition) and are therefore very hard to handle analytically. To obtain more detailed analytical insight, and eventually get quantitative understanding, computational physics is needed. But even today with all the progress in computer hardware, brute force use of computer power is very limited - now is the time to develop sophisticated algorithms which exploit the physics of the problem in much more detail.

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