String theory and mathematical physics


Winter 19/20Statistische PhysikAlbrecht Klemm
Tu 8-19 and Fr 10-12 - HS I PI
Advanced Quantum TheoryHans Jockers
Mo 12-14 and We 13 - HS I PI
Summer 19Advanced Topics in String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
QuantenmechanikHans Jockers
Winter 18/19String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
Group TheoryHans Jockers
Summer 18Advanced Topics in Field and String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
Quantenmechanik und statistische Physik für LehramtHans Jockers
Winter 17/18Statistische PhysikAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 17Advanced Topics in String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
Winter 16/17String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 16General Relativity and CosmologyAlbrecht Klemm
Conformal Field TheoryHans Jockers
Winter 15/16Quantum Field Theory IIAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 15Quantum Field Theory IAlbrecht Klemm
General Relativity and CosmologyHans Jockers and Hans Peter Nilles
Winter 14/15Classical electrodynamicsAlbrecht Klemm
Winter 13/14String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 13Advanced Topics in String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
Conformal Field TheoryHans Jockers
Winter 12/13String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 12General RelativityAlbrecht Klemm
Dualities in Field and String TheoryHans Jockers
Winter 11/12Lecture Notes- Asian Winter School on Strings and Particles and CosmologyAlbrecht Klemm
Advanced Theoretical Physics - Quantum Field Theory IIAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 11Quantum Field Theory IAlbrecht Klemm
Winter 10/11Seminar on topics in String TheoryAlbrecht Klemm and Stefan Förste
Superstring theoryAlbrecht Klemm and Stefan Förste
Summer 10String theory IAlbrecht Klemm
Winter 09/10Classical electrodynamicsAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 09Advanced topics in string theoryAlbrecht Klemm
Winter 08/09Classical electrodynamicsAlbrecht Klemm
Summer 08Physics & geometryAlbrecht Klemm
String Compactifications and Effective ActionsThomas Grimm
Winter 07/08String theory IIAlbrecht Klemm and Hans Peter Nilles
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