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Group Theory

This is the website for the lecture "Group Theory" in the summer term 2010 by S. Förste and C. Lüdeling. You can find some administrative information here, as well as the problem sheets. Lecture notes will be provided chapter by chapter, and somewhat delayed with respect to the lecture as they are still in the process of being written.

Lectures take place on Wednesday 14 – 16 and Friday 9 – 10 in Hörsaal 1.


The exam was written on Tuesday, July 27. The resit was written be offered on Monday, September 27. You should have rceived an email with your result, if not, contact me. You can review your exam and the correction on Wednesday, September 29, 10 to 11 am in the AVZ first floor library. If you want to review your exam but absolutely cannot make it, send me an email.


The outline of the lecture was as follows:
  1. Basics of Groups
  2. Basics of Representations
  3. Finite Groups
  4. Compact Lie Groups
  5. Lie Algebras

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes now include all chapters (up to Chapter six, which deals with representations of Lie algebras). The notes will most likely still contain errors — if you find some plase tell me!


Sheets are prepared by Michael Blaszczyk (michael (at) th.physik.uni-bonn.de).There will be three tutorial groups:
Monday 10 – 12 Raum 5 AVZ Thomas Wotschke wotschke (at) th.physik.uni-bonn.de
Tuesday 10 – 12 Raum 5 AVZ Daniel Lopes dlopes (at) th.physik.uni-bonn.de
Wednesday 10 – 12 Raum 116 AVZ Marco Rauch rauch (at) th.physik.uni-bonn.de
Problem sheets will be handed out and returned in the tutorials.


There is a large number of books and lecture notes on group theory and its application in physics. I present an arbitrary selection:

Christoph Lüdeling
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