Professor Manuel Drees

I am Professor for Theoretical Particle and Astro-Particle Physics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universtät Bonn.


SS 04: Theoretical Astro-Particle Physics
WS 04/05: Theoretical Particle Physics 1
SS 05: Theoretical Particle Physics 2
              Seminar on Advanced Topics in Particle and Quantum Field Theory
WS 05/06: On sabbatical leave
SS 06: Astro-Particle Physics (together with Prof. Peter Schneider)
              Seminar on Relativistic Quantum Field Theory (together with Prof. Hans-Peter Nilles).
WS 06/07: Theoretische Physik 1
SS 07: Theoretische Physik 2b
WS 07/08: Collider Physics
SS 08: Astro-Particle Physics (together with Prof. Uli Klein
WS 08/09: Theoretical Particle Physics 1
SS 09: Theoretical Particle Physics 2
WS 09/10: Collider Physics
SS 10: Theoretical Astroparticle Physics;
            Seminar on Astroparticle Physics (together with Prof. Marek Kowalski).
WS 10/11: On sabbatical leave
SS 11: Theoretische Physik 1
              Seminar on Astroparticle Physics (together with Prof. Marek Kowalski).
WS 11/12: Theoretische Physik 2
SS 12: Theoretical Astroparticle Physics
WS 12/13: Theoretical Particle Physics 1
SS 13: Theoretical Particle Physics 2
            Seminar on Astroparticle Physics (together with Prof. Marek Kowalski).
WS 13/14: Physics of the Higgs Particle
SS 14: Theoretische Physik 3: Quantenmechanik
WS 14/15: Advanced Quantum Theory
                    Seminar on Hunting Physics beyond the Standard Model (with Profs. Dreiner, Hanhart, Krewald, Luu and Wirzba)
SS 15: Theoretical Astroparticle Physics
WS 15/16: Theoretical Particle Physics 1
SS16: Theoretical Particle Physics 2
WS 16/17: Theoretical Astroparticle Physics
SS17: Theoretische Physik 1
            Seminar on Quantum Field Theory (with profs. Dreiner and Nilles)
WS 17/18: Theoretical Particle Physics 1

SS 18:

Theoretical Particle Physics 2
Time and Place : Tuesday, 16:15 to 18:00,
                            Thursday, 10:15 to 11:00; both times HS 1, PI (i.e., in the big lecture room).
First Lecture: April 10, 2018.
Last Lecture: July 19, 2018.
Tutorials: Time and Place : Tuesday, 10:15 to 12:00, AVZ, rm 0.033
                                              Tuesday, 14:15 to 16:00, PI, SR 1 (next to the lecture hall)
First session : The second week of classes.
Tutors: Bardia Najjari (Wegelerstr. 10, room 2.023, phone 9411, email b.najjari.f "at", Rahul Mehra (Wegelerstr. 10, room 2023, phone 9411, email rmehra "at", and Zhongyi Zhang (Wegelerstr.10, room 2.021, phone 3718, email shadowquark "at"
The assignment sheets can be downloaded
Figures shown in class can be found here.
The identities with two-component spinors etc can be found here .

The lecture is aimed at students interested in experimental and/or theoretical particle physics. Prior knowledge of relativistic quantum mechanics, and the Standard Model of particle physics (as covered, e.g., in my Theoretical Particle Physics 1 class) will be assumed. I will occasionally use results from Quantum Field Theory, but one should be able to follow this class without having taken lectures in Quantum Field Theory first. (Of course, everybody interested in particle theory should take the QFT classes, too!)

Only students who solve at least 50% of the homework problems of this class will be allowed to participate in the final exam.

Final exam: Wednesday, July 25, 10:00 to 12:00, in the HISKP lecture hall 1. Note the change of location , which became necessary due to renovation work in the PI.
You'll have the opportunity to look at the exam on Friday, July 27, between 9:30 and 11:00 a.m., in the Bethe seminar room (Wegelerstr. 10, 2nd floor).

The second exam will be on Thursday, September 27, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, in the "Zeichensaal" on the first floor of Wegelerstr. 160

--> The lecture covers extensions of the Standard Model of particle physics. More specifically, the following topics will be covered:
1) Neutrino oscillations and neutrino masses
2) Grand Unification of the gauge interactions
3) Supersymmetry

G. Ross, Grand Unified Theories, discusses both supersymmetric and non-supersymmetric GUTs.
Drees, Godbole and Roy, Theory and Phenomenology of Sparticles, gives an in-depth treatment of supersymmetry, with emphasis on phenomenological aspects.
Baer, Tata, Weak scale supersymmetry: From superfields to scattering events, is similar in scope to the previous book, but uses a different notation.
S. Martin, A Supersymmetry Primer (on the arXiv), offers a down-to-earth introduction to supersymmetry.
Peskin and Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, treats the underlying formalism, but also contains many particle physics applications.

Seminar on Theoretical Particle Physics (with Profs. Herbi Dreiner and Hans-Peter Nilles)
Time and Place : Friday, 10:15 to 12:00, PI, BCTP Seminar Room.
First Meeting: April 13, 2018 (in the first week of classes).
Last seminar: July 28, 2018. (?)

This time we want to focus on experimental "anomalies", i.e. observations that appear to be in conflict the Standard Model of particle physics. The goal would be to first understand what is being observed, and why this is in conflict with the SM; and then to survey some possible particle physics explanations. A couple of theoretical arguments for extending the SM will also be covered.
As usual in a student seminar, students will give hour-long talks on a topic of their choice. The Literature relevant for each topic will be provided by the supervisor. For our topics this will often have to be original research articles, although in several cases, review articles do exist.
The students should give a practice talk to the advisor about one week before the real talk; the latter will be graded (for MSc students). This "practice talk" should at least include going through the material / slides together with the advisor.

During the last two weeks (July 13 and July 20) the seminar will take place in conference room 1, two floors below the BCTP seminar room! (The BCTP seminar room is needed for a "Bethe Forum" workshop.)
List of dates, topics, speakers and supervisors

Date Name Topic Supervisor
May 4 Theodoros Diamantidis The Strong CP Problem Andreas Trautner
May 11 Youngik Lee gmu - 2 Andreas Trautner
May 18 Yannik Schüler Spectral Distortions in B --> K* mu mu Manuel Drees
May 25 No speaker (Pentecost)
June 1 Rongvoram Nivesvivat The Hierarchy Problem Hans-Peter Nilles
June 8 Marvin Kohlmann B --> K e e vs. B --> K mu mu Rate Anomaly Manuel Krauss
June 15 Aakash Ghosh The Atomki Anomaly: Evidence for a 16.7 MeV Boson Manimala Chakraborti
June 22 Amitayus Banik 3-Flavor Neutrino Oscillations Herbi Dreiner
June 29 Chaitra Kalmahalli Guruswamy The LSND Anomaly: Evidence for nue Appearance Herbi Dreiner
July 6 Sibi Usha Selvam Evidence for Dark Matter Manuel Drees
July 13 Passant Ali Galactic Center GeV gamma Ray Excess Annika Reinert
July 20 Benoit Scholtes The Cosmological Constant Problem Drees/Dreiner

Weekly Theoretical High Energy Physics seminar

Master and Doctoral Theses

Please contact me directly regarding possible topics.
I expect a Master thesis to contain new, previously unknown, scientific results. So far nearly all Bonn Diploma and Master theses in my group have led to journal publications. While I am (nearly) always available for questions and discussions, I generally encourage students to work as independently as possible. In particular, students who have their own idea about a Master topic are very welcome, if it falls in my area of expertise.

If you are interested, please contact me directly for further information. I also encourage you to talk to some of the other members of my group before committing yourself.
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