Publications 2005
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W. Buchmüller, K. Hamaguchi, O. Lebedev, M. Ratz Local Grand Unification *Lisbon 2005, CP violation and the flavour puzzle* 143-156 hep-ph/0512326 (PS)
hep-ph/0512326 (Abs)
S. Förste, H. P. Nilles, A. Wingerter The Higgs mechanism in Heterotic Orbifolds Phys.Rev.D73:066011,2006 hep-th/0512270 (PS)
hep-th/0512270 (Abs)
O. Lebedev, H. P. Nilles, M. Ratz A note on fine-tuning in Mirage mediation *Lisbon 2005, CP violation and the flavour puzzle* 211-221 hep-ph/0511320 (PS)
hep-ph/0511320 (Abs)
W. Buchmüller, K. Hamaguchi, O. Lebedev, M. Ratz The Supersymmetric Standard Model from the Heterotic String Phys.Rev.Lett. 96, 121602 (2006) hep-ph/0511035 (PS)
hep-ph/0511035 (Abs)
R. N. Mohapatra et al. Theory of Neutrinos: A White Paper Rept. Prog. Phys. 70:1757-1867, 2007 hep-ph/0510213 (PS)
hep-ph/0510213 (Abs)
O. Loaiza-Brito, J. Martin, H. P. Nilles, M. Ratz log(M(Pl)/M(3/2)) AIP Conf.Proc.805:198-204,2006 Also in *Gyeongju 2005, Particles, strings and cosmology* 198-204 hep-th/0509158 (PS)
hep-th/0509158 (Abs)
M. G. Albrow et al. Physics at a Fermilab Proton Driver FERMILAB-FN-0778-AD-E hep-ex/0509019 (PS)
hep-ex/0509019 (Abs)
A. Wingerter Aspects of Grand Unification in Higher Dimensions Doctoral Thesis Thesis (PS)
M. Lindner, M. Ratz, M. A. Schmidt Renormalization Group Evolution of Dirac Neutrino Masses JHEP 09 (2005) 081 hep-ph/0506280 (PS)
hep-ph/0506280 (Abs)
S. Förste, H. P. Nilles, A. Wingerter Geometry of Rank Reduction Phys.Rev.D72:026001,2005 hep-th/0504117 (PS)
hep-th/0504117 (Abs)
K. Choi, A. Falkowski, H. P. Nilles, M. Olechowski Soft Supersymmetry Breaking in KKLT Flux Compactification Nucl.Phys.B718:113-133,2005 hep-th/0503216 (PS)
hep-th/0503216 (Abs)
S. G. Nibbelink, M. Hillenbach Renormalization of Supersymmetric Gauge Theories on Orbifolds: Brane Gauge Couplings and Higher Derivative Operators Phys.Lett.B616:125-134,2005 hep-th/0503153 (PS)
hep-th/0503153 (Abs)
S. Antusch, J. Kersten, M. Lindner, M. Ratz, M.A. Schmidt Running Neutrino Mass Parameters in See-Saw Scenarios JHEP 03 (2005) 024 hep-ph/0501272 (PS)
hep-ph/0501272 (Abs)