Publications 1997
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Kh. Nirov, M. Plyushchay Pseudoclassical model for topologically massive gauge fields JHEP 02 (1998) 015, TUM-HEP-272-97 hep-th/9712097 (PS)
hep-th/9712097 (Abs)
D. Matalliotakis H.-P. Nilles, S. Theisen Matching the BPS spectra of heterotic type-I and type-I-prime strings Phys.Lett. B421 (1998) 169-175, LMU-TPW-97-26 hep-th/9710247 (PS)
hep-th/9710247 (Abs)
Y. Kawamura, T. Kobayashi, J. Kubo Sum rules in the superpartner spectrum of the minimal supersymmetric standard model Phys.Lett. B432 (1998) 108-113, TUM-HEP-297-97 hep-ph/9710453 (PS)
hep-ph/9710453 (Abs)
H.-P. Nilles Low-Energy Supersymmetry Lectures given at the Cinquieme Seminaire Rhodanien, Symetries en Physique, Dolomieu, France, 17-21 Mar 1997, TUM-HEP-286-97, Symmetries in Physics: Proceedings; 220-243, edited by F. Gieres, M. Kibler, C. Lucchersi and O. Piguet. Editions Frontieres, 1997  
J.O. Conrad Brane Tensions and Coupling Constants from within M-Theory Phys.Lett. B421 (1998) 119-124, TUM-HEP-289/97 hep-th/9708031 (PS)
hep-th/9708031 (Abs)
H.-P. Nilles, M. Olechowski, M. Yamaguchi Supersymmetry Breaking and Soft Terms in M-Theory Phys.Lett. B415 (1997) 24-30, TUM-HEP-282/97, SFB-375/201 hep-th/9707143 (PS)
hep-th/9707143 (Abs)
H.-P. Nilles, N. Polonski Gravitational divergencies as a mediator of supersymmetry breaking Phys.Lett. B412 (1997) 69-76, TUM-HEP-278/9 hep-ph/9707249 (PS)
hep-ph/9707249 (Abs)
Z. Lalak, R. Poppe Scalar field fluctuations in general pre-big bang cosmologies Nucl.Phys. B507 (1997) 419-442, TUM-HEP-276/97 gr-qc/9704083 (PS)
gr-qc/9704083 (Abs)
Kh. Nirov, M.S. Plyushchay Symmetries and classical quantization Phys.Lett. B405 (1997) 114-120, TUM-HEP-269-97 hep-th/9707070 (PS)
hep-th/9707070 (Abs)
A. Kehagias On the ground state of the supersymmetric five-brane TUM-HEP-268/97 hep-th/9703047(PS)
hep-th/9703047 (Abs)
H.-P. Nilles, S. Stieberger String unification, universal one loop corrections and strongly coupled heterotic string theory Nucl.Phys. B499 (1997) 3-28, CERN-TH/97-18 hep-th/9702110 (PS)
hep-th/9702110 (Abs)
Kh. Nirov The Ostrogradsky prescription for BFV formalism Mod.Phys.Lett. A12 (1997) 1991-2004, TUM-HEP-264-96 hep-th/9704183 (PS)
hep-th/9704183 (Abs)