Publications 2000
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H.-P. Nilles Supergravity Talk given at the conference `30 Years of Supersymmetry', Minnesota, October 13-15, 2000 Slides
S. Förste Fine-Tuning of the Cosmological Constant in Brane Worlds Fortsch.Phys. 49 (2001) 495-501; Contribution to the proceedings of the workshop `The Quantum Structure of Spacetime and the Geometric Nature of Fundamental Interactions', Berlin, October 2000 hep-th/0012029 (PS)
hep-th/0012029 (Abs)
S. Groot Nibbelink, B. J. W. van Tent Density perturbations arising from multiple field slow-roll inflation SPIN-2000/31, ITP-UU-00/35, NIKHEF 00-038 hep-ph/0011325 (PS)
hep-ph/0011325 (Abs)
P. Nath Physics From Extra Dimensions Part.Nucl.Lett. 104 (2001) 7-19; Talk given at the conference "NANPino-2000", Dubna, Russia, July 20, 2000 hep-ph/0011177 (PS)
hep-ph/0011177 (Abs)
A. Corsetti, P. Nath Recent Developments in Supersymmetric Dark Matter Based on an invited talk at the conference "IDM2000", York, UK, September 18-22, 2000 hep-ph/0011313 (PS)
hep-ph/0011313 (Abs)
J.O. Conrad On Fractional Instanton Numbers in Six Dimensional Heterotic E8 x E8 Orbifolds Talk given at the workshop "The quantum structure of spacetime and the geometric nature of fundamental interactions" (RTN-Network), Berlin, Germany, October 6, 2000 Slides
J.O. Conrad On Fractional Instanton Numbers in Six Dimensional Heterotic E8 x E8 Orbifolds JHEP 0011 (2000) 022 hep-th/0009251 (PS)
hep-th/0009251 (Abs)
R. Dermisek Proton decay in SO(10) SUSY GUTs Talk given at The Meeting of The Division of Particles and Fields of The American Physical Society (DPF 2000), Columbus, Ohio, August 9-12, 2000, OHSTPY-HEP-T-00-018 hep-ph/0009236 (PS)
hep-ph/000923 (Abs)
A. Falkowski, Z. Lalak, S. Pokorski Five-Dimensional Gauged Supergravities with Universal Hypermultiplet and Warped Brane Worlds Phys.Lett. B509 (2001) 337-345 hep-th/0009167 (PS)
hep-th/0009167 (Abs)
M. Zucker Supersymmetric Brane World Scenarios from Off-Shell Supergravity Phys.Rev. D64 (2001) 024024 hep-th/0009083 (PS)
hep-th/0009083 (Abs)
S. Förste, G. Honecker, R. Schreyer Supersymmetric Z_N times Z_M Orientifolds in 4D with D-Branes at Angles Nucl.Phys. B593 (2001) 127-154 hep-th/0008250 (PS)
hep-th/0008250 (Abs)
T. Ibrahim, P. Nath Corrections to the Higgs Boson Masses and Mixings from Chargino, W and Charged Higgs Exchange Loops and Large CP Phases Phys.Rev. D63 (2001) 035009 hep-ph/0008237 (PS)
hep-ph/0008237 (Abs)
H.-P. Nilles Supersymmetry breakdown and vacuum energy in a brane world Talk given at the conference "SUSY 2k", CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, July 1, 2000 Slides
M. Zucker Off-Shell Supergravity in Five Dimensions and Supersymmetric Brane World Scenarios Doctoral Thesis see here
S. Förste, Z. Lalak, S. Lavignac, H.-P. Nilles The Cosmological Constant Problem from a Brane-World Perspective JHEP 09 (2000) 034 hep-th/0006139 (PS)
hep-th/0006139 (Abs)
A. Falkowski, Z. Lalak, S. Pokorski Supersymmetrizing Branes with Bulk in Five-Dimensional Supergravity Phys.Lett. B491 (2000) 172-182 hep-th/0004093 ((PS)
hep-th/0004093 (Abs)
H.-P. Nilles Anomalous U(1) gauge symmetries and heterotic-typeI/II string duality JHEP PRHEP-tmr99/037 hep-th/0003152 (PS)
hep-th/0003152 (Abs)
H.-P. Nilles Remarks on anomalous U(1) symmetries in string theory Contribution to the Proceedings of COSMO-99, International Workshop on Particle Physics and the Early Universe, Trieste, Italy, Sept 1999 hep-ph/0003102 (PS)
hep-ph/0003102 (Abs)
S. Förste, D. Ghoshal, S. Theisen Wilson loop via AdS/CFT duality JHEP PRHEP-tmr99/018 hep-th/0003068 (PS)
hep-th/0003068 (Abs)
M. Weber Supersymmetrische vereinheitlichte Theorie mit Eichgruppe SO(10) Diploma Thesis Thesis (PS)
S. Förste, Z. Lalak, S. Lavignac, H.-P. Nilles A Comment on Self-Tuning and Vanishing Cosmological Constant in the Brane World Phys.Lett. B481 (2000) 360-364 hep-th/0002164 (PS)
hep-th/0002164 (Abs)