Publications 1994
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P. Mayr, S. Stieberger Low energy properties of (0,2)-compactifications TUM-HEP-213/94, "Proceedings of the 28th International Symposium on the Theory of Elementary Particles", Wendisch-Rietz, August 30 - September 3 1994, p. 72 hep-th/9412196 (PS)
hep-th/9412196 (Abs)
P. Mayr, S. Stieberger Moduli dependence of perturbative gauge couplings in four-dimensional heterotic string compactifications Talk given at the Workshop on Gauge Theories, Applied Supersymmetry and Quantum Gravity, Leuven, Belgium, July 10-14 1995, TUM-HEP-212/94, NEIP-13/95, Gauge Theories, Applied Supersymmetry, Quantum Gravity; 211-224, edited by B. de Wit, A. Sevrin, K. Stelle, M. Tonin, W. Troost, P. van Nieuwenhuizen and A. Van Proeyen. Leuven University Press, 1996  
Z. Lalak, A. Niemeyer, H.-P. Nilles Gaugino condensation, S-duality and supersymmetry breaking in supergravity models Nucl. Phys. B 453 (1995) 100, TUM-HEP-211/94, UPR-653-T hep-th/9503170 (PS)
hep-th/9503170 (Abs)
Z. Lalak, M. Olechowski, S. Pokorski et al. Neutralinos as dark matter in the unconstrained minimal supersymmetric standard model "Proceedings of the Astro-Particle Physics workshop", Ringberg Castle, March 6 - 10 1995, p. 130  
A. Gabutti, Z. Lalak, M. Olechowski, S. Pokorski, L. Stodolsky, S. Cooper, F. Proebst Cross-section of low mass neutralino dark matter in the unconstrained MSSM Muenchen MPI Physik, MPI-PHE-95-15e
C. Absmaier, N.E. Booth, C. Bucci, Z. Lalak et al. Munich cryogenic detector development 1995 TUM-HEP-210/94, MPI-PHE-95-15  
Z. Lalak, S. Pokorski, J. Wess Spin 1/2 particle in gravitational field of a rotating body Phys. Lett. B 355 (1995) 453, TUM-HEP-209/94, UPR-653-T hep-th/9505291 (PS)
hep-th/9505291 (Abs)
P. Mayr, S. Stieberger Moduli dependence of one-loop gauge couplings in (0,2) compactifications Phys. Lett. B 355 (1995) 107, TUM-HEP-208/94, CERN-TH/95-96 hep-th/9504129 (PS)
hep-th/9504129 (Abs)
Z. Lalak, R. Poppe Quantum inflation? TUM-HEP-207/94 hep-ph/9408267 (PS)
hep-ph/9408267 (Abs)
A. Lukas The no boundary wave function and the duration of the inflationary period Phys. Lett. B 347 (1995) 13, TUM-HEP-206/94 gr-qc/9409012 (PS)
gr-qc/9409012 (Abs)
D. Matalliotakis, H.-P. Nilles Aspects of supersymmetry at LEP II Teupitz 1994, Proceedings, Physics at LEP2 and beyond, Nucl. Phys. B, Proc. Suppl. B 37 (1994) 240, TUM-HEP-205/94 hep-ph/9407281 (PS)
hep-ph/9407281 (Abs)
P. Mayr Quantum corrections to string effective theories Doctoral Thesis, TUM-HEP-204/94  
E. J. Kim, H.-P. Nilles Symmetry principles toward solutions of the mu problem Mod. Phys. Lett. A 9 (1994) 3575, TUM-HEP-203/94 hep-ph/9406296 (PS)
hep-ph/9406296 (Abs)
Z. Lalak, A. Niemeyer, H.-P. Nilles S-dual gaugino condensation and supersymmetry breaking Phys. Lett. B 349 (1995) 99, TUM-HEP-202/94 hep-th/9410205 (PS)
hep-th/9410205 (Abs)
D. Matalliotakis, H.-P. Nilles Implications of non-universality of soft terms in supersymmetric GUTs Nucl. Phys. B 435 (1995) 115, TUM-HEP-201/94, MPI-PhT/94-39 hep-ph/9407251 (PS)
hep-ph/9407251 (Abs)