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Alexander Baur, Moritz Kade, Hans Peter Nilles, Saul Ramos Sanchez, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange The eclectic flavor symmetry of the Z2 orbifold e-Print: 2012.09586 [hep-th] arXiv:2012.09586(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles, Saul Ramos Sanchez, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange Eclectic flavor scheme from ten-dimensional string theory -- II. Detailed technical analysise-Print: 2010.13798 [hep-th] arXiv:2010.13798(PDF)
Alexander Baur, Moritz Kade, Hans Peter Nilles, Saul Ramos Sanchez, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange The eclectic flavor symmetry of the Z2 orbifoldJHEP 02 (2021) 01 arXiv:2008.07534(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles, Saul Ramos-Sanchez, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange Eclectic flavor scheme from ten-dimensional string theory - I. Basic resultsPhys.Lett.B 808 (2020) 135615 arXiv:2006.03059(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles, Saul Ramos-Sanchez, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange Lessons from eclectic flavor symmetriesNucl.Phys.B 957 (2020) 115098 arXiv:2004.05200(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles, Saul Ramos-Sanchez, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange Eclectic Flavor GroupsJHEP 2002 (2020) 045 arXiv:2001.01736(PDF)
Alexander Baur, Hans Peter Nilles, Andreas Trautner, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange A String Theory of Flavor and CPNucl.Phys. B947 (2019) 114737 arXiv:1908.00805(PDF)
Sang Hui Im, Hans Peter Nilles, Marek Olechowski Axion clockworks from heterotic M-theory: the QCD-axion and its ultra-light companionJHEP 1910 (2019) 159 arXiv:1906.11851(PDF)
Alexander Baur, Hans Peter Nilles, Andreas Trautner, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange Unification of Flavor, CP, and Modular SymmetriesPhys.Lett. B795 (2019) 7-14 arXiv:1901.03251(PDF)
Andreas Trautner Systematic construction of basis invariants in the 2HDMJHEP 1905 (2019) 208 arXiv:1812.02614(PDF)
Sang Hui Im, Hans Peter Nilles, Marek Olechowski Heterotic M-Theory from the Clockwork PerspectiveJHEP 1901 (2019) 151 arXiv:1811.11838(PDF)
Igor P. Ivanov, Celso C. Nishi, Joćo P. Silva, Andreas Trautner Basis-invariant conditions for CPPhys. Rev. D 99, 015039 (2019) arXiv:1810.13396(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles, Michael Ratz, Andreas Trautner, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange CP violation from string theoryPhys.Lett. B786 (2018) 283-287 arXiv:1808.07060(PDF)
Stuart Raby, Andreas Trautner Vectorlike chiral fourth family to explain muon anomaliesPhys. Rev. D 97, 095006 (2018) arXiv:1712.09360(PDF)
Kiwoon Choi, Sang Hui Im, Chang Sub Shin General Continuum ClockworkJHEP 1807 (2018) 113 arXiv:1711.06228(PDF)
Kiwoon Choi, Sang Hui Im, Chan Beom Park, Seokhoon Yun Minimal Flavor Violation with Axion-like ParticlesJHEP 1711 (2017) 070 arXiv:1708.00021(PDF)
Sang Hui Im, Hans Peter Nilles, Andreas Trautner Exploring extra dimensions through inflationary tensor modesJHEP 1803 (2018) 004 arXiv:1707.03830(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles Stringy Origin of Discrete R-symmetriesPoS CORFU2016 (2017) 017 arXiv:1705.01798(PDF)
Andreas Trautner CP as a Symmetry of Symmetries J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 873 (2017) no.1, 012037 arXiv:1703.03692(PDF)
Michael Ratz, Andreas Trautner CP violation with an unbroken CP transformationJHEP 1702 (2017) 103 arXiv:1612.08984(PDF)
Andreas Trautner Massive Fermi Gas in the Expanding UniverseJCAP 1703 (2017) no.03, 019 arXiv:1612.07249(PDF)
Kiwoon Choi, Sang Hui Im Constraints on Relaxion WindowsJHEP 1612 (2016) 093 arXiv:1610.00680(PDF)
Rolf Kappl, Annika Reinert Secondary Cosmic Positrons in an Anisotropic Diffusion ModelPhys.Dark Univ. 16 (2017) 71-80 arXiv:1609.01300(PDF)
Manuel Ernst Krauss, Toby Opferkuch, Florian Staub, Martin Wolfgang Winkler Soft Gamma Rays from Heavy WIMPsPhys.Dark Univ. 14 (2016) 29-34 arXiv:1605.05327(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles, Martin Wolfgang Winkler 750 GeV Diphotons and Supersymmetric Grand Unification JHEP 1605 (2016) 182 arXiv:1604.03598(PDF)
Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann, Jonas Reuter, Thorsten Schimannek Mordell-Weil Torsion in the Mirror of Multi-SectionsJHEP 1612 (2016) 031 arXiv:1604.00011(PDF)
Emilian Dudas, Lucien Heurtier, Clemens Wieck, Martin Wolfgang Winkler UV Corrections in Sgoldstino-less Inflation Phys.Lett. B759 (2016) 121-125 arXiv:1601.03397(PDF)
Rolf Kappl Charge-sign dependent solar modulation for everyoneJ.Phys.Conf.Ser. 718 (2016) no.5, 052020 arXiv:1601.02832(PDF)
Michael Blaszczyk, Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann Tracing symmetries and their breakdown through phases of heterotic (2,2) compactificationsJHEP 1604 (2016) 068 arXiv:1512.03055(PDF)
Rolf Kappl SOLARPROP: Charge-sign Dependent Solar Modulation for Everyone Comput.Phys.Commun. 207 (2016) 386-399 arXiv:1511.07875(PDF)
Rolf Kappl, Hans Peter Nilles, Martin Wolfgang Winkler Modulated Natural Inflation Phys.Lett. B753 (2016) 653-659 arXiv:1511.05560(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles Phenomenological Hints from a Class of String Motivated Model Constructions Adv.High Energy Phys. 2015 (2015) 412487 DOI: 10.1155/2015/412487
Rolf Kappl, Annika Reinert, Martin Wolfgang Winkler AMS-02 Antiprotons Reloaded JCAP 1510 (2015) 034 arXiv:1506.04145(PDF)
Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann Particle Physics from Singular Geometries PhD Thesis Thesis (PDF)
Mirjam Cvetic, Denis Klevers, Damian Kaloni Mayorga Pena, Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann, Jonas Reuter Three-Family Particle Physics Models from Global F-theory Compactifications JHEP 1508 (2015) 087 arXiv:1503.02068(PDF)
Rolf Kappl, Hans Peter Nilles, Martin Wolfgang Winkler Natural Inflation and Low Energy Supersymmetry Phys.Lett. B746 (2015) 15-21 arXiv:1503.01777(PDF)
Wilfried Buchmuller, Emilian Dudas, Lucien Heurtier, Alexander Westphal, Clemens Wieck, Martin Wolfgang Winkler Challenges for Large-Field Inflation and Moduli Stabilization JHEP 1504 (2015) 058 arXiv:1501.05812(PDF)
Stefan Forste, Christoph Liyanage Yukawa couplings for intersecting D-branes on non-factorisable tori JHEP 1503 (2015) 110 arXiv:1411.5032(PDF)
Rolf Kappl, Hans Peter Nilles, Matthias Schmitz R symmetries and a heterotic MSSM Nucl.Phys. B891:482-498,2014 arXiv:1411.5032(PDF)
Luis Aparicio, Michele Cicoli, Sven Krippendorf, Anshuman Maharana, Francesco Muia, Fernando Quevedo Sequestered de Sitter String Scenarios: Soft-terms JHEP 1411 (2014) 071 arXiv:1409.1931(PDF)
Denis Klevers, Damian Kaloni Mayorga Pena, Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann, Hernan Piragua, Jonas Reuter F-theory on all Toric Hypersurface Fibrations and its Higgs Branches JHEP 1501 (2015) 142 arXiv:1408.4808(PDF)
Rolf Kappl, Martin Wolfgang Winkler The Cosmic Ray Antiproton Background for AMS-02 JCAP 1409 (2014) 051 arxiv:1408.0299(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles The strings connection: MSSM-like models from strings Eur.Phys.J. C74 (2014) 2712 Inspire:1304537(PDF)
D.K. Mayorga Pena Discrete Symmetries and their Stringy Origin PhD Thesis Thesis (PDF)
Rolf Kappl, Sven Krippendorf, Hans Peter Nilles Aligned Natural Inflation: Monodromies of two Axions Phys.Lett. B737 (2014) 124-128 arxiv:1404.7127(PDF)
Hans Peter Nilles, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange Geography of Fields in Extra Dimensions: String Theory Lessons for Particle Physics Mod.Phys.Lett. A30 (2015) 10, 1530008 arxiv:1403.1597(PDF)
Sven Krippendorf, Damian Kaloni Mayorga Pena, Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann, Fabian Ruehle Rational F-Theory GUTs without exotics JHEP 1407 (2014) 013 arxiv:1403.1597(PDF)
Michele Cicoli, Denis Klevers, Sven Krippendorf, Christoph Mayrhofer, Fernando Quevedo, Roberto Valandro Explicit de Sitter Flux Vacua for Global String Models with Chiral Matter JHEP 1405 (2014) 001 arxiv:1312.0014(PDF)
J. E. Kim, H. P. Nilles Dark energy from approximate U(1)de symmetry Phys.Lett. B730 (2014) 53-58 arxiv:1311.0012(PDF)
N. G. Cabo Bizet, T. Kobayashi, D. K. Mayorga Pena, S. L. Parameswaran, M. Schmitz, I. Zavala Discrete R-symmetries and Anomaly Universality in Heterotic Orbifolds JHEP 1402 (2014) 098 arxiv:1308.5669(PDF)
H. P. Nilles, S. Ramos-Sanchez, M. Ratz, P. K. S. Vaudrevange A note on discrete R symmetries in Z6-II orbifolds with Wilson lines Phys.Lett.B 726:876-881,2013 arxiv:1308.3435(PDF)
arxiv:1308.3435 (Abs)
F. Ruehle Exploring the Web of Heterotic String Theories using Anomalies PhD Thesis Thesis (PDF)
S. Krippendorf, H. P. Nilles, M. Ratz, M. W. Winkler Hidden SUSY from precision gauge unification Phys.Rev. D 88:035022,2013 arxiv:1306.0574(PDF)
arxiv:1306.0574 (Abs)
D.K. Mayorga Pena, P.K. Oehlmann Lessons from an Extended Heterotic Mini-Landscape PoS CNCFG2012:096,2012 arxiv:1305.0566(PDF)
arxiv:1305.0566 (Abs)
M. Cicoli, S. Krippendorf, C. Mayrhofer, F. Quevedo, R. Valandro The Web of D-branes at Singularities in Compact Calabi-Yau Manifolds JHEP 1305:114, 2013 arxiv:1304.2771(PDF)
arxiv:1304.2771 (Abs)
M. Cicoli, S. Krippendorf, C. Mayrhofer, F. Quevedo, R. Valandro D3/D7 Branes at Singularities: Constraints from Global Embedding and Moduli Stabilisation JHEP 1307:150, 2013 arxiv:1302.0022(PS)
arxiv:1302.0022 (Abs)
N. G. Cabo Bizet, H. P. Nilles Heterotic Mini-landscape in blow-up JHEP 1306:074, 2013 arxiv:1302.1989(PS)
arxiv:1302.1989 (Abs)
S. Forste, J. E. Kim, H. M. Lee General self-tuning solutions and no-go theorem JCAP 1303:022, 2013 arxiv:1301.4228(PS)
arxiv:1301.4228 (Abs)
N. G. Cabo Bizet, T. Kobayashi, D. K. Mayorga Pena, S. L. Parameswaran, M. Schmitz, I. Zavala R-charge Conservation and More in Factorizable and Non-Factorizable Orbifolds JHEP 1305:076, 2013 arxiv:1301.2322(PS)
arxiv:1301.2322 (Abs)
M. Badziak, S. Krippendorf, H. P. Nilles, M. W. Winkler The heterotic MiniLandscape and the 126 GeV Higgs boson JHEP 1303:094, 2013 arxiv:1212.0854(PS)
arxiv:1212.0854 (Abs)
D. K. Mayorga Pena, H. P. Nilles, P. K. Oehlmann A Zip-code for Quarks, Leptons and Higgs Bosons JHEP 1212:024, 2012 arxiv:1209.6041(PS)
arxiv:1209.6041 (Abs)
M. Blaszczyk Heterotic Particle Models from various Perspectives PhD Thesis Thesis (PDF)
C. Wieck Non-Universal Anomalies and R Symmetries in Heterotic String Models Master Thesis Thesis (PDF)
A. Chatzistavrakidis, L. Jonke Matrix theory origins of non-geometric fluxes JHEP 1302:040, 2013 arxiv:1207.6412(PS)
arxiv:1207.6412 (Abs)
A. Chatzistavrakidis, E. Erfani, H. P. Nilles, I. Zavala Axiology JCAP 1209:006, 2012 arxiv:1207.1128(PS)
arxiv:1207.1128 (Abs)
M. Cicoli, S. Krippendorf, C. Mayrhofer, F. Quevedo, R. Valandro D-Branes at del Pezzo Singularities: Global Embedding and Moduli Stabilisation JHEP 1209:019, 2012 arxiv:1206.5237(PS)
arxiv:1206.5237 (Abs)
H. P. Nilles, M. Ratz, P. K. S. Vaudrevange Origin of family symmetries Fortsch.Phys.61:493-506, 2013 arxiv:1204.2206(PS)
arxiv:1204.2206 (Abs)
C. Ludeling, F. Ruehle, C. Wieck Non-Universal Anomalies in Heterotic String Constructions Phys.Rev. D85:106010,2012 arxiv:1203.5789(PS)
arxiv:1203.5789 (Abs)
A. Chatzistavrakidis, L. Jonke Matrix theory compactifications on twisted tori Phys.Rev. D85:106013,2012 arxiv:1202.4310(PS)
arxiv:1202.4310 (Abs)
A. Chatzistavrakidis, O. Lechtenfeld, A. D. Popov Nearly K?ler heterotic compactifications with fermion condensates JHEP 1204:114,2012 arxiv:1202.1278(PS)
arxiv:1202.1278 (Abs)
J. E. Kim, H. P. Nilles, M.-S. Seo Singlet superfield extension of the minimal supersymmetric standard model with Peccei-Quinn symmetry and a light pseudoscalar Higgs boson at the LHC Mod.Phys.Lett. A27 1250166,2012 arxiv:1201.6547(PS)
arxiv:1201.6547 (Abs)
S. Krippendorf, H. P. Nilles, M. Ratz, M. W. Winkler The heterotic string yields natural supersymmetry Phys.Lett. B712:87-92,2012 arxiv:1201.4857(PS)
arxiv:1201.4857 (Abs)
M. Blaszczyk, S. Groot Nibbelink, F. Ruehle Gauged Linear Sigma Models for toroidal orbifold resolutions JHEP 1205:053,2012 arxiv:1111.5852(PS)
arxiv:1111.5852 (Abs)
S. Choudhury, S. Pal Fourth level MSSM inflation from new flat directions JCAP 1204:018,2012 arxiv:1111.3441(PS)
arxiv:1111.3441 (Abs)
H.P. Nilles, S. Ramos-Sanchez, P.K.S. Vaudrevange, A. Wingerter The Orbifolder: A Tool to study the Low Energy Effective Theory of Heterotic Orbifolds Comput.Phys.Commun.183:1363-1380,2012 arxiv:1110.5229(PS)
arxiv:1110.5229 (Abs)
J.-Q. Li, Y.-G. Miao Spontaneous breaking of permutation symmetry in pseudo-Hermitian quantum mechanics Phys.Rev.A 85:042110,2012 arxiv:1110.2312(PS)
arxiv:1110.2312 (Abs)
S. Choudhury, S. Pal Reheating and leptogenesis in a SUGRA inspired brane inflation Nucl.Phys. B857:85-100,2012 arxiv:1108.5676(PS)
arxiv:1108.5676 (Abs)
K. Dimopoulos, D. Wills, I. Zavala Statistical Anisotropy from Vector Curvaton in D-brane Inflation Nucl.Phys. B868:120-155,2013 arxiv:1108.4424(PS)
arxiv:1108.4424 (Abs)
B.K. Pal,S. Pal, B.Basu The Berry phase in inflationary cosmology Class.Quant.Grav. 30:125002, 2013 arxiv:1108.3689(PS)
arxiv:1108.3689 (Abs)
D. K. Mayorga Pena Towards Realistic Spectra from the Z2 x Z4 Orbifold Model Master Thesis Thesis (PDF)
P. K. Oehlmann Grand Unification in Heterotic Z2 x Z4 Orbifold Compactifications Master Thesis Thesis (PDF)
A. Chatzistavrakidis On Lie-algebraic solutions of the type IIB matrix model Phys.Rev.D84:106010,2011 arxiv:1108.1107(PS)
arxiv:1108.1107 (Abs)
M. Blaszczyk, N. G. Cabo Bizet, H. P. Nilles, F. Ruehle A perfect match of MSSM-like orbifold and resolution models via anomalies JHEP 1110:117,2011 arxiv:1108.0667(PDF)
arxiv:1108.0667 (Abs)
J.-Q. Li, Y.-G, Miao, Z. Xue Algebraic method for pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians arxiv:1107.4972(PS)
arxiv:1107.4972 (Abs)
T. Kobayashi, S. L. Parameswaran, S. Ramos-Sanchez, I. Zavala Revisiting Coupling Selection Rules in Heterotic Orbifold Models JHEP 1205:008,2012 arxiv:1107.0320(PS)
arxiv:1107.2137 (Abs)
M. Blaszczyk, S. Groot Nibbelink, F. Ruehle Green-Schwarz Mechanism in Heterotic (2,0) Gauged Linear Sigma Models: Torsion and NS5 Branes JHEP 1108:083,2011 arxiv:1107.0320(PS)
arxiv:1107.0320 (Abs)
A. Chatzistavrakidis, H. Steinacker and G. Zoupanos Intersecting branes and a standard model realization in matrix models JHEP 1109:115,2011 arxiv:1107.0265(PS)
arxiv:1107.0265 (Abs)
C. Stephan Phenomenological Aspects of Local F-Theory Models Diploma Thesis Thesis (PDF)
B. K. Pal, S. Pal and B. Basu Confronting quasi-exponential inflation with WMAP seven JCAP 1204:009,2012 arXiv:1105.6362(PS)
arXiv:1105.6362 (Abs)
Y.-G. Miao, X.-D. Wang and S.-J. Yu Classical Mechanics on Noncommutative Space with Lie-Algebraic Structure Ann. Phys. (N.Y.), 2011 arXiv:0911.5227(PS)
arXiv:0911.5227 (Abs)
Stefan Forste, Hans Peter Nilles, Ivonne Zavala Nontrival Cosmological Constant in Brane Worlds with Unorthodox Lagrangians JCAP 1107:007,2011 arXiv:1104.2570(PS)
arXiv:1104.2570 (Abs)
Sayantan Choudhury, Supratik Pal Brane inflation in background supergravity Phys.Rev.D85:043529,2012 arXiv:1102.4206(PS)
arXiv:1102.4206 (Abs)
Christoph Ludeling Seven-Dimensional Super-Yang-Mills Theory in N=1 Superfields arXiv:1102.0285(PS)
arXiv:1102.0285 (Abs)
Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis, Harold Steinacker, George Zoupanos Fuzzy extra dimensions and particle physics models PoS CNCFG2010:014,2010 arXiv:1102.0910(PS)
arXiv:1102.0910 (Abs)
Christoph Ludeling, Hans Peter Nilles, Claudia Christine Stephan The Potential Fate of Local Model Building Phys.Rev.D83:086008,2011 arXiv:1101.3346(PS)
arXiv:1101.3346 (Abs)
Kiwoon Choi, Hans Peter Nilles, Chang Sub Shin, Michele Trapletti Sparticle Spectrum of Large Volume Compactification JHEP 1102:047,2011 arXiv:1011.0999(PS)
arXiv:1011.0999 (Abs)
Barun Kumar Pal, Supratik Pal, B. Basu Perturbations and observational aspects of mutated hilltop inflation Int.J.Mod.Phys.D21: 1250017,2012 arXiv:1010.5924(PS)
arXiv:1010.5924 (Abs)
Susha L. Parameswaran, Saul Ramos-Sanchez, Ivonne Zavala On Moduli Stabilisation and de Sitter Vacua in MSSM Heterotic Orbifolds JHEP 1101:071,2011 arXiv:1009.3931(PS)
arXiv:1009.3931 (Abs)
Ruth Gregory, Susha L. Parameswaran, Gianmassimo Tasinato, Ivonne Zavala Lifshitz solutions in supergravity and string theory JHEP 1012:047,2010 arXiv:1009.3445(PS)
arXiv:1009.3445 (Abs)
Stefan Forste, Hans Peter Nilles, Saul Ramos-Sanchez, Patrick K.S. Vaudrevange Proton Hexality in Local Grand Unification Phys.Lett.B693:386-392,2010 arXiv:1007.3915(PS)
arXiv:1007.3915 (Abs)
M. Blaszczyk, S. Groot Nibbelink, F. Ruehle, M. Trapletti, P.K.S. Vaudrevange Heterotic MSSM on a Resolved Orbifold JHEP 1009:065, 2010 arXiv:1007.0203v1(PS)
arXiv:1007.0203v1 (Abs)
C.P. Burgess, M. Cicoli, M. Gomez-Reino, F. Quevedo, G.Tasinato, I. Zavala Non-standard primordial fluctuations and nongaussianity in string inflation JHEP 1008:045, 2010 arXiv:1005.4840(PS)
arXiv:1005.4840 (Abs)
E. O'Callaghan, S. Chadburn, G. Geshnizjani, R. Gregory, I. Zavala The effect of extra dimensions on gravity wave bursts from cosmic string cusps JCAP 1009:013, 2010 arXiv:1005.3220(PS)
arXiv:1005.3220 (Abs)
E. O'Callaghan, S. Chadburn, G. Geshnizjani, R. Gregory, I. Zavala Effect of extra dimensions on gravitational waves from cosmic strings Phys.Rev.Lett. 105:081602, 2010 arXiv:1003.4395(PS)
arXiv:1003.4395 (Abs)
Y.-G. Miao Noncommutative Extension of Minkowski Spacetime and Its Primary Application Prog. Th. Phys. 123:791-810, 2010 arXiv:0912.5075(PS)
M. Blaszczyk, S. Groot Nibbelink, M. Ratz, F. Ruehle, M. Trapletti, P. K. S. Vaudrevange A Z2xZ2 standard model Phys. Lett. B 683:340-348, 2010 arXiv:0911.4905 (PS)
arXiv:0911.4905 (Abs)
H. P. Nilles, S. Ramos-S?chez, P. K. S. Vaudrevange Local Grand Unification and String Theory AIP Conf. Proc. 1200:226-234, 2010 arXiv:0909.3948 (PS)
arXiv:0909.3948 (Abs)
M. Blaszczyk Heterotic MSSM on Blown-Up Orbifold with Unbroken Hypercharge Diploma Thesis Thesis (PDF)
V. Löwen, H. P. Nilles Crosschecks for Unification at the LHC Nucl. Phys. B 827: 337-358, 2009 arXiv:0907.4983 (PS)
arXiv:0907.4983 (Abs)
V. Löwen Phenomenological Aspects of Mirage Mediation Doctoral Thesis Thesis (PDF)
J. E. Kim, H, P. Nilles Axionic dark energy and a composite QCD axion JCAP 0905:010, 2009 arXiv:0902.3610 (PS)
arXiv:0902.3610 (Abs)
K. S. Choi, H. P. Nilles, S. Ramos-Sánchez, P. K. S. Vaudrevange Accions Phys. Lett. B675, 2009, 381-386 arXiv:0902.3070 (PS)
arXiv:0902.3070 (Abs)
C.P. Burgess, S.L. Parameswaran, I. Zavala The Fate of Unstable Gauge Flux Compactifications JHEP 0905:008, 2009 arXiv:0812.3902 (PS)
arXiv:0812.3902 (Abs)
R. Kappl, H. P. Nilles, S. Ramos-Sánchez, M. Ratz, K. Schmidt-Hoberg, P. K.S. Vaudrevange Large hierarchies from approximate R symmetries Phys. Rev. Lett. 102:121602, 2009 arXiv:0812.2120 (PS)
arXiv:0812.2120 (Abs)
Andreas P. Braun, Arthur Hebecker, Christoph Ludeling, Roberto Valandro Fixing D7 Brane Positions by F-Theory Fluxes Nucl. Phys. B815:256-287, 2009 arXiv:0811.2416 (PS)
arXiv:0811.2416 (Abs)
Giuliano Panico, Andrea Wulzer Nucleon Form Factors from 5D Skyrmions Nucl. Phys. A825:91-114, 2009 arXiv:0811.2211 (PS)
arXiv:0811.2211 (Abs)
A. Avgoustidis, I. Zavala Warped Wilson Line DBI Inflation JCAP 0901:045,2009 arXiv:0810.5001 (PS)
arXiv:0810.5001 (Abs)
H.P. Nilles Supersymmetry: The final Countdown AIP Conf.Proc.1078:3-11, 2009 arXiv:0809.4390 (PS)
arXiv:0809.4390 (Abs)
O. Lebedev, H. P. Nilles, S. Ramos-Sánchez, M. Ratz, P.K.S. Vaudrevange Heterotic mini-landscape (II): completing the search for MSSM vacua in a Z_6 orbifold Phys. Lett. B668:331-335, 2008 arXiv:0807.4384 (PS)
arXiv:0807.4384 (Abs)
K. S. Choi Contorted Flavors in Grand Unification and Proton Decay Phys. Lett. B668:392-395, 2008 arXiv:0807.2766 (PS)
arXiv:0807.2766 (Abs)
P.K.S. Vaudrevange Grand Unification in the Heterotic Brane World Doctoral Thesis Thesis (PDF)
S. Ramos-Sánchez Towards Low Energy Physics from the Heterotic String Doctoral Thesis Thesis (PDF)
H. P. Nilles, S. Ramos-Sánchez, M. Ratz, P.K.S. Vaudrevange From strings to the MSSM Eur.Phys.J.C59:249-267,2009 arXiv:0806.3905 (PS)
arXiv:0806.3905 (Abs)
O. Aharony, M. Berkooz, J. Louis, A. Micu Non-Abelian structures in compactifications of M-theory on seven-manifolds with SU(3) structure JHEP 0809:108, 2008 arXiv:0806.1051 (PS)
arXiv:0806.1051 (Abs)
T. Araki, T. Kobayashi, J. Kubo, S. Ramos-Sánchez, M. Ratz, P.K.S. Vaudrevange (Non-)Abelian discrete anomalies Nucl. Phys. B 805: 124-147, 2008 arXiv:0805.0207 (PS)
arXiv:0805.0207 (Abs)
V. Löwen, H. P. Nilles, A. Zanzi Gaugino Condensation with a Doubly Suppressed Gravitino Mass Phys. Rev. D 78, 046002 (2008) arXiv:0804.3913 (PS)
arXiv:0804.3913 (Abs)
S. Groot Nibbelink, D. Klevers, F. Plöger, M. Trapletti, P.K.S. Vaudrevange Compact Heterotic Orbifolds in Blow-Up JHEP 0804, 060 (2008) arXiv:0802.2809 (PS)
arXiv:0802.2809 (Abs)
V. Löwen, H. P. Nilles Mirage Pattern from the Heterotic String Phys. Rev. D77:106007, 2008 arXiv:0802.1137 (PS)
arXiv:0802.1137 (Abs)
G. Panico, E. Ponton, J. Santiago, M. Serone Dark Matter and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking in Models with Warped Extra Dimensions Phys. Rev. D77:115012, 2008 arXiv:0801.1645 (PS)
arXiv:0801.1645 (Abs)
D. Klevers On the Resolution of Orbifold Singularities in Heterotic String Theory Diploma Thesis Thesis (PS)