Advanced Topics in String Theory (SS15)

On this page you will find announcements, exercise sheets, and general information for the course Advanced Topics in String Theory by S. Förste.


  • There will be tutorials on Fr from 12-14 in the 4 Room 0.020, AVZ I

  • Exercises


    Exercise Groups

    Group 1Friday, 12pm - 14pmÜ 4 Room 0.020, AVZ IChristoph Liyanage

    Exercise sheets

    NoExercise sheet
    01Euler number, Modular invariance
    02Moduli of compact worldsheets, partition function from vacuum energy
    03Worldsheet supersymmetry, Spinors in various dimensions
    04Dirac brackets
    05Two point function for free fermion
    06SO(8) representations
    07Spin structures and GSO projection
    08Jacobi and modular forms
    09O-plane charge

    Requirements for final exam

    In order to be admitted to the final exam the following requirements have to be met: