Group Theory (WS13/14)

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Group 1Wednesday, 08am - 10amÜ22, Room 0.009, AVZJie Gu
Group 2Wednesday, 02pm - 04pmSR I, PIRaghuveer Garani

Exercise sheets

NoExercise sheet
00Properties of Groups, Conjugay Classes, Normal Subgroups
01Isomorphism Theorems, Quotient- and Product Groups
Note: Changed the definition of the semidirect product to match that of the lecture.
Addendum to H1.2(d)
02Group Actions, Properties of Groups II
03Representations and Reducibility, Direct Sums and Tensor Products
Note: Corrected a typo in exercise H3.1(e).
04Representations II
05Permutations, Cayley's Theorem, Dihedral Group
06Irreps, Characters, Group Algebra
08Characters and the Hook Rule
09Lie groups and algebras, equivalence of so(3) and su(2)
10Matrix Identities, subalgebras, equivalence of so(3) and su(2) pt 2
11Lie algebras, adjoint representation, Killing form
12Roots and the Cartan algebra
13Root Systems, highest weight procedure
Note: (i) This sheet is not relevant for the admission to the exam.
(ii) Added a "positive" in H13.1(c)

Requirements for final exam

In order to be admitted to the final exam the following requirements have to be met:

General Information

The module description from the syllabus is available here.

Time and Place

Monday 10:15 - 12:00 & Thursday 13:15 - 14:00, Lecture Hall 1, PI


Theoretical Physics III, Basic Lectures in Mathematics


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