General Relativity and Cosmology (SS13)

On this page you will find announcements, exercise sheets, and general information for the course General Relativity and Cosmology by S. Förste.




Exercise Groups

Group 1Tuesday, 08am - 10amÜ6, Room 0.022, AVZSebastian Schuster
Group 2Tuesday, 04pm - 06pmÜ7, Room 0.001, AVZChristoph Liyanage
Group 3Wednesday, 10am - 12pmÜ5, Room 0.021, AVZStefano Colucci

Exercise sheets

NoExercise sheet
01Special Relativity, Lorentz Transformations
02Tensors, Electromagnetism
03Energy momentum tensor
04Differential forms, Euclidean metrics
05Noethers Theorem
06Charts, Homeomorphisms, Lie Groups
07Calculus on Manifolds
08Connections, Parallel transport, Geodesics
09Killing Vector Fields, Vielbeins, Curvature
10Einstein equation, Light deflection, Spectral Shift, Inner Schwarzschild solution
11Homogeneous and isotropic universe, Hubble's law
--Mock Exam

Requirements for final exam

In order to be admitted to the final exam the following requirements have to be met: The final exam will take place on 10.07.2013 from 15:00 to 18:00 in Lecture Hall 1, PI.

General Information

The module description from the syllabus is available here.

Time and Place

Monday 16:15 - 17:00 & Wednesday 16:15 - 18:00, Lecture Hall 1, PI


Theoretical Physics I and II, Basic Lectures in Mathematics



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