General Relativity and Cosmology

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Tutorials and sheets are organized by Bardia, BCTP, Room 2.023.
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Exercise Sheets

# Due Link Content
0 In Class Class Exercise Remembering SR
1 April 10th Exercise Sheet 1 Classical Relativistic Electrodynamics
2 April 17th Exercise Sheet 2 The Energy-Momentum Tensor
3 April 24th Exercise Sheet 3 Starring Manifolds
4 In Class Class Exercise Induced Metric
5 May 8th Exercise Sheet 5 Vectors, Vector Fields and a bit of Tensors
6 May 15th Exercise Sheet 6 The Connection
7 May 22nd Exercise Sheet 7 Geodesics, Parallel Transport, and the Riemann Curvature Tensor
8 May 29nd Exercise Sheet 8 Symmetries and Killing Vectors
9 June 6th Exercise Sheet 9 Local Coordinates and non-coordiante basis
10 June 19th Exercise Sheet 10 Deflection of light, Gravitational Waves part I
11 June 26th Exercise Sheet 11 GW II-Charged BH-Kruskal Coordinates