Superstring Theory (Winter Term 2019/2020)

On this page you find announcements, exercise sheets and general information for the lecture Superstring Theory by Priv.-Doz. Dr. Stefan Förste.

General Information

Time and place

Wednesday 14-15 & Friday 12-14, Lecture Hall 1, PI


Quantum Field Theory, Group Theory, Advanced Theoretical Physics, Advanced Quantum Field Theory, Theoretical Particle Physics
The module description from the syllabus is available here.


Priv.-Doz. Dr. Stefan Först,

Organization of exercises

Christoph Nega,




Group 1Tuesday, 8-102.008 BCTPAndrei-Ioan
Group 2Thursday, 8-102.008 BCTPMohamed

Exercise sheets

Exercise sheets will be handed out on Fridays in the lecture and additionally they can be found on this webpage.
They should be returned one week later in the lecture on Friday.

NoExercise sheet
1Actions and their symmetries
2Equations of motion and Poincare algebra
3Oscillator modes and the string equations of motion
4The classical Virasoro algebra
5The quantum Virasoro algebra
6Lorentz invariance for the quantum bosonic string
7The ghost system
8The closed string spectrum and the Virasoro-Shapiro amplitude
9State degenercy and the moduli space of a torus
10Spinors in various dimensions and RNS superstring
11The torus partition function
12The superstring spectrum
13Spin structres and GSP Projection


Requirements for final exam

In order to be admitted to the final exam you have to get 50% of the points on all exercise sheets.

First exam

The first exam will take place on 07.02.2020 from 9-12 in Lecture Hall 1, PI.
The review of the first exam will take place on 11.02.2020 from 16-17 in the BCTP.

Second exam

The second exam is shifted to a so far unknown date.


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